About Gearhead Auto Sales, Inc.

From the moment you step on our lot until the time you drive away in your next car, your buying experience with Gearhead Auto Sales is our number one priority. A family owned and operated dealership located in Durham, NC, we are dedicated to providing the best in quality and customer service.

Spend More Time Shopping, and Less Time Worrying About Financing

At Gearhead, we know that haggling over prices, fighting with banks, and balancing your budget isn't exactly the most fun part of buying a car. But unless you're a savvy saver or a lottery winner, you probably won't be able to pay for a vehicle out of pocket, and you will need to explore your financing options. Will you lease or buy? Will you choose the fully-loaded premium option or opt for an affordable base model? Compact or midsize? Sedan, Truck or SUV? All of these options play a big part in your final decision.

Fortunately, our team of professionals are here to help. Highly-trained in the art of financing--with a firm belief that all drivers deserve a safe and reliable vehicle--we're experts in the world of auto loans and car leasing. We can walk you through the process of choosing a lease vs loan, selecting a finance term that works for your plans, and getting the best possible financing rates. Less stress and hassle for you--and a lot more time to spend shopping for cars!

Apply for Financing Online, and Save Time at the Dealership

You live a busy lifestyle, and we know how important it is to use your time as efficiently as possible. With our online finance application, we make it easier than ever to save time at the dealership, by getting pre-approval for a lease or loan from the comfort of home or your office. All we'll need is some basic information and a few hours to look over your details--a member of our team will then contact you with a quote for what you can afford. Worried about your credit? We work with a variety of lenders to ensure that we can identify the best loan for you. Now that’s what I call Service!

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